the artist







Born on February 10, 1952 in Budapest, Hungary.
In addition to studying natural sciences, Mathematics and Physics
(completed in 1975), she studied painting.

After turbulent years of escape from communist Hungary, first to Sweden and later to Canada (arrangements for her first major exhibition there), she returns to Europe and settles down in Austria in 1978.

Her pictures, emerged in the seventies and eighties, are full of dynamic movement, often with mysterious characters involved in a secret and an enchanted world of colors.
Exhibitions followed, both at home and abroad. In the nineties, beside the painting, she undertakes activities in other areas of the fine arts, too. She designs succesfully ceramics and home textiles in silk and velvet inspired by the medieval Venetian style.

By this time the artist ,living alone with her five children, opts and decides for a more and more consciously simple and nature-close life. She takes in many ways position against the prevailing way of thinking.

She teaches painting in art associations and private.

„For me, the artistic creation is a daily challenge, a kind of confrontation with the everchanging reality that shows a permanent validity at the same time."

"Painting is for me like a passionate love and each of my pictures is a hug for me. "

The artist with Hungarian and Russian roots, has lived and worked in Vienna for 30 years. Her works of art are found in collections of many places including the Albertina in Vienna, the Kunsthaus in Vienna, the Kunsthalle in Rotterdam, the Witt Library Collection in London, museums and galleries in Wismar, Lindau and Budapest… 




                                                                     Claus Rechberger